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Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Own Google Page


Due to my enormous presence in the online world, Google has decided to dedicate a separate home page for me. You can check it out in the following url

With Regards, Sudar

PS: If the geek with in you is still wondering, ask him to check out the url

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  • At 8/30/2005 06:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    can u tell me which institute u studied for all those MS related exams ? it would be helpful to others as well as to me. congrats and wishes for u!

  • At 8/30/2005 10:35:00 PM, Blogger Sudar said…


    Thanks for the wishes.

    For all my exams I prepared on my own and didn’t go for any training institute. I didn’t found it hard as I was already working on these at work.

    But many of friends went for training in NIIT Chennai for these exams. But the course fees were much more than the exam fees.

    Hope this helps and if you need more information feel free to leave a comment here or give me a mail.

  • At 9/01/2005 02:26:00 AM, Anonymous Abhijeet said…

    Hi Sudar-

    This is Abhijeet from Pune.

    I'm preparing for MCP 70-306 Exam.

    Could you please email me a list of likely/sample questions, which would help me in my preparation.

    I look forward to your reply with interest.

    My email address is
    abhijeet (dot) khopade (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for reading.

    Best Wishes and Regards,
    Abhijeet from Pune.

    P.S. I will check the googlemyway link.
    Btw, have you tried Google Talk? How is the call facility of Google talk? Is the voice crystal clear?

    Bye for now.


  • At 9/02/2005 03:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    here is a link to make a google logo, yahoo logo and other logo too..:)

  • At 9/02/2005 04:34:00 AM, Blogger Sudar said…

    Hi Abhijeet

    Thanks for your wishes. Congrats on your preparation for 70-306.

    If you are looking for is just plain braindumps, then I am sorry I cannot help. Since it is illegal to use them as well as just memorizing the answers will not at all help you in your real job. Or if you are just looking for some practice questions then you can get them at or or from the Microsoft Self-paced Training kit book’s cd.

    And regarding GoogleTalk I have used it and the voice is very clear. But the only problem for me right now is that most of my friends are not using it, so first I have to convince them to use GoogleTalk

    Once again best wishes for your exams.

  • At 9/02/2005 07:49:00 AM, Anonymous Fred said…

    Serve them Right. Typical Indian Mentality, that tarnishes our Image : Memorize everything, get great marks, and be as hollow as a Water Pipe inside. Hope this Changes, and Indians turn out More people like Sudar, than Memorizers....

    Listen Guys, Memory is no good. An Encyclopedia can hold more knowledge than any of us Can, even with the most imposing Memory. But, It's our Skills, that Make us what We Are, That give us value. So, Stop trying to be Encyclopedias and start being Humans....

  • At 9/03/2005 01:52:00 AM, Blogger J Anderson said…

    He..he.. you must be rolling in it to afford all of those domains.

  • At 3/18/2006 08:31:00 AM, Anonymous WHAK'd said…

    Google doesn't like anyone using lookalike logos, so if you're an adsense user, don't use them!

    Find other online image makers on (labels, signs, logos, comics, banners, celebs, buttons, ecards, etc).


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